Project Production

Designing and implementing computational media is only as effective as its presence in the marketplace. Project Production outlines a methodology for developing a proposal that captures funding and takes a project from concept to creation.

Not only does the groundwork for a proposal help to convince others of the value of the project, it serves to either confirm or refine the objectives, design and/or implementation of the project through the advantages of different viewpoint analyses.


In an HCI-related project at Georgia Tech in Fall 2001, an environment needed to be identified that posed challenges to its users, and ABG was arbitrarily selected. A thorough study of its users, its environment and user tasks suggested an information access system, PlantTracker®, be designed.


In developing this proposal, the direct benefits to ABG were explicitly outlined: the challenge of obtaining detailed plant information in-situ would be met. Other benefits will, directly or indirectly, help ABG attain the following objectives:

• increased satisfaction of current membership
• increased donorship
• new revenue streams

These objectives can be achieved through:

• providing a value-added feature to increase member satisfaction
• increasing donorship through technologically innovative leadership
• targeting latent retail markets with retailers, for new revenue streams

By studying markets related to these objectives, PlantTracker® can prove to help ABG meet its objectives. The markets studied are consumer trends, botanical gardens, and retail gardening.


The competition was analyzed to confirm that PlantTracker® is computationally innovative, technologically innovative, will increase donorship through prideful ownership, and can complement the on-site experience.


An analysis of the different sources of funding (foundations, internally as employer, venture capital and potential client/customer) revealed what category might best fit the needs for the project.


The PlantTracker® Information Access System provides a valuable and unique opportunity for ABG visitors to access customized, detailed information while they view the plant in its natural setting. It’s value becomes evident in the ABG environment by analyzing how it:

1. leverages current IT and human assets
2. improves delivery of other services without increasing costs
3. can add new revenue streams.

Further, development of a management team, budget and production schedule help to map out a proof of concept within a year, ROI shortly thereafter and revenue increases over long-term planning.

Note: details of the project proposal with the above studies are not available online. Serious inquiries regarding a partnership in developing PlantTracker® can be made by contacting Maryann Impeduglia.


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Peter McGuire


• Using methodologies for
  developing a proposal
  that captures funding and
  takes a project from
  concept to creation


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